COVID-19: Bronte’s Response & Plans for 2020-2021

May 26, 2020

As the world began to hear reports of a novel virus, Bronte College’s Pandemic Committee took immediate steps to protect the health of our staff and student body to ensure uninterrupted quality education for our students.

How did Bronte College Respond to COVID-19?

  • We strongly suggested students restrict travel, increased sanitation measures, installed additional hand sanitizers, and implemented physical and social distancing policies on campus.
  • We maintained our regular timetable and implemented a full day of interactive, online classes to ensure students continue to engage in their learning via our new full day Online Learning Program.
  • Guidance counsellors meet with students online and continue to support graduating students with their university offers and acceptances.
  • Our residences facilities remained open and staff continue to provide fun, interactive social activities to promote positive mental health and physical fitness.

How was Bronte in a Position to Make This Happen?

  • Founded in 1991, we have 30 years’ experience in education and student safety
  • Our Pandemic Committee has met daily since February to discuss plans for the school moving forward, while keeping in accordance with government regulations.
  • Our school utilizes the latest technology and our staff and students are comfortable engaging with various online platforms to enhance learning.
  • All of our students are required to have access to laptops and internet, and our full-time IT department provides support as needed.
  • Teachers continue to communicate regularly with parents, and Bronte College updates families through weekly newsletters.

What Happens if COVID-19 Affects Students After Arrival for the Fall Semester?

Bronte College has had zero cases of COVID-19 amongst our staff or students. We have implemented new measures to protect our campus and our students against COVID-19 including:

  • Social/Physical distancing policies
  • Proper hand washing protocols
  • Increased sanitization stations accessible around the school

Should the Government Mandate a Renewed Lockdown During the 2020-2021 School Year Bronte College will: 

  • Resume an engaging, interactive, full day of classes for students via the Online Learning Program
  • Provide IT support, as needed
  • Continue to host fun, social events for residence students on campus, while practicing social/physical distancing
  • The cafeteria will serve students at staggered meal times so it is never crowded.
  • Our Guidance team will work with students individually to provide course selection support and assist grade 12 students with university applications.
  • Our Business Office will continue to support students who need to renew study permits or visas online.
  • Our Health Insurance will cover any student who becomes ill while in Canada
  • Our full-time Nurse will monitor students’ health

At Bronte College, we pride ourselves in providing a rigorous academic program in small class settings. Our aim is to ensure our students’ success at the post-secondary level. If required, we will provide that same high-quality education to our students’ online.

Our students’ safety, well-being and education are our number one concern!