March 26, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are there any cases of COVID-19 at Bronte College?

At this time there are zero cases of COVID-19 at Bronte College.

  1. Can my child leave Bronte College and complete the online courses at home?

The temporary online learning program that is presently being offered will stop once the government reopens schools. We will then move to face-to-face classes, and students must be present to receive the credit. The government may not let your child return because of immigration restrictions that are presently in place, borders are now closing until June 30, 2020. It is because of these reasons that we recommend students do not leave Bronte College to return home.

For information about immigration restrictions in Canada please refer to:

  1. What do you mean by Graduation has been postponed?

The Graduation ceremony has been postponed, as per the Government’s policy on social/physical distancing. Large groups of over 50 people are not allowed to gather. We will ensure that students who graduate receive their diploma and if possible, plan a later date for a formal graduation ceremony.

  1. How are meals being served?

Bronte College is continuing to serve meals as usual. Three meals a day, and a snack from Monday to Thursday night will be served in our cafeteria. There have been slight changes to the meal time schedule to accommodate the social/physical distancing policy.

For more information please visit our website:

As an essential service, Bronte College is guaranteed to have a stable food supply. We are operating as normal and students are welcome to ask for additional servings during meal times.

  1. Are food deliveries allowed?

Yes, students are allowed to order food at specific times for delivery to Bronte College, however the food delivery person will not be permitted inside the building. The food will be left at the front door and students can pick it up once the delivery person has left. Students are required to sanitize packaging and hands before picking up their food and must eat in the cafeteria.

  1. How is Bronte College enforcing social/physical distancing?

Students are being informed how to social/physical distance by residence staff, teaching staff and social media platforms. There are also information posters and videos available around the school with helpful tips on how to sanitize, hand wash and social/physical distance.  In the cafeteria students must leave a chair between them and the next person. We have also reduced the number of students who eat at one time by modifying the meal time schedule.

To see the revised schedule, refer to:

  1. Does my child have permission to leave Bronte College property?

Further to Bronte College’s Student Protective Policy, under no circumstance can your child leave the property.

Read more about the Student Protective Policy here:

  1. Can I send a parcel to my child and how will she/he get it?

Yes, you can send your child a parcel to the school. Please inform your child that a parcel is being delivered. This will enable them to follow the policy for parcel pick-up.

  1. Will there be midterm marks assigned? Will the marks be sent to the universities for Grade 12 students?

Teachers are completing assessments as part of the online program and marks will be assigned at midterm along with the report card. The guidance department will upload the midterm marks to the universities for your children. The mid-term reports will be issued April 17 (full disclosure April 22).

  1. How can my child get help from their Guidance Counsellor?

Our guidance counsellors are available by email from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and they are presently setting up online appointments for students. Please make sure your child reads the Guidance Edmodo frequently and follows-up with their counsellor.

  1. Who will care for my child if they get sick with COVID-19?

Bronte College has a nurse on property who works with our trained residence staff to care for ill children. Should a child get COVID-19, the nurse will care for them three times a day by visiting them in isolation. You will be informed immediately if your child becomes ill.

  1. Does my child’s insurance policy cover testing to rule out COVID-19?

There is no coverage for testing unless your child is presenting symptoms, has travelled recently from one of the affected areas or has been in direct contact with someone that has been diagnosed.

  1. Will my child receive assistance renewing their study permit?

The Business Office will assist students who require help renewing study permits via email using the online Canada Immigration system ( Parents and students have received an email if their study permit will expire soon.  If your child is going to graduate this year and has received an offer from university or college, please contact Lancy Zhong at for study permit renewal. She will provide timely assistance to your child online.