Canadian Cloud Library

Access a NEW digital resource called the Canadian Cloud Library. This resource is geared toward supporting the Canadian History curriculum for secondary school students, but can also be utilized in a variety of subjects. This is great for projects and research, reference reading, searching for historical facts, as well as discovery and learning!

Here are the benefits of using the Canadian Cloud Library:

  • Access full-texts of new and recent books about 20th century Canadian history
  • High quality, relevant content
  • Locate original/primary source material (documents, speeches, photos, and more)
  • 1000s of visuals, photos, paintings, illustrations
  • All-Canadian content from knowledgable authors
  • Easy subject navigation
  • Search full-text, indexes, tables of contents, or all at once
  • Simultaneous multiple user access at all times to all books

Go to:

Username: bronte

Password: bronte