WELCOME TO SECOND SEMESTER! Here is some interesting library information!

  • The library is open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 4pm. It is open for quiet study time from Monday to Thursday 7-9pm.
  • Did you return your books from last semester? It is never too late—bring them to the library and we can check them in.  Textbooks won’t be signed out until February 13th for this semester.
  • Do you need to do research? or need help with citations? Then go to  “Research and Cite”  on this site and there is lots of information to help you.
  • Mr. Adams, our Waterloo Co-op student to available for for math help during lunch hours and in the evening.
  • Some printing can be done in the library. It costs .10 cents per page. Please come to do printing before school or during lunch not during class time.



  • In this library, you are

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