For Students

Here is a collection of digital tools for students and teachers:

Alice -> computer programming in 3D

Animata -> real-time animation software

Bitstrips -> make a comic strip

Camscanner -> an app that allows you to scan documents into a PDF

Canva -> create a design for posters, brochures/flyers, infographics, and more

Codecademy -> learn to code

Desmos -> an online graphing calculator

Dipity -> digital timeline website

Do2Learn -> a resource for individuals with special needs  -> draw diagrams -> create and share visual ideas, like an infographic

Edmodo -> many teachers use this as a platform for providing you with activities, assignments, and marks. ***To find out information about Guidance and Community Service, as well as Grade 12 important information please go to Edmodo (code: n3if53 and j26i9c)***

eINFO -> a guide to Ontario universities for Ontario high school students and guidance counsellors. It provides information about university programs, admission requirements, and more.

Evernote ->  write, collect, discuss and present

Gimp -> image manipulation program

Goodreads -> track, rate, and share books you would like to read

Google Docs -> create and edit documents collaboratively

Google Earth -> explore the physical geography of Earth -> explore pathways to success (college, work, community, university, and apprenticeship)

Kahoot -> create, play, and share educational quiz games

Library and Archives Canada -> gain access to documented photographs of Canada’s heritage and history

Madmagz -> create your own magazine

My Blueprint -> My blueprint is a platform where students develop their Individual pathway plans (IPPs).  Please visit this getting starting guide: getting-started-guide-for-high-school-students-2016-17

New York Public Library -> access prints, photographs, maps, manuscripts, etc

OSSLT -> The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is happening on March 31, 2016. Please go to this link to find practice tests and activities to help you review.

Padlet -> similar to pinterest, you can display, share, and collaborate on a board

Powertyping -> online free typing lessons for a QWERTY keyboard

Powtoon -> create animated videos and presentations

Prezi -> create an animated presentation

Scratch -> create stories, animations, and games

Studyladder -> a web based program built by teachers to help students have fun while learning

Survey Monkey -> create a survey

Tagxedo -> word cloud

Thinglink -> an interactive photos and videos

Wattpad -> write, share, and read stories

Weebly -> make a website

Wikispaces -> create a website

Wordle -> word cloud

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