Important Documents

Please find some important documents you will want to know as a student at Bronte College

Bronte College Course Calendar & Student Handbook -> Find the academic calendar for 2015/2016, courses and diploma/certificate requirements, code of behaviour, and school rules and regulations

Bronte College Residence Handbook -> Please pay particular attention to page 8 for attendance procedures and page 11 for consequences and misbehavior

Technology Acceptable Use Policy -> An agreement for safe and acceptable use of technology at Bronte College

Extra-curricular activities -> extra-curricular-schedule2017

Bronte College Daily Schedule-> Find the Regular Day Schedule, Assembly Schedule, and Early Dismissal Schedule

first-semester-final-exams -> Find the schedule for 1st semester exams

Guidance Edmodo -> jkikxq

Community Service Edmodo -> ued42r

OSSLT Edmodo -> 8yhtih