General Formatting

In-Text Citations -> used when referring to an idea stated by another author/authors. Citations are included within your sentence. The year, author’s name, and page number is included, but varies depending on the citation style you are using.

Footnotes and Endnotes -> used when referring to an idea stated by another author/authors, and also used for adding additional information at the bottom of the page. It is a small number beside the sentence you are wishing to refer to.

Reference List -> your list of references (also called a works cited or bibliography) is to be included at the end of your assignment, and is formatted in alphabetical order.

Helpful Resources

Purdue Owl -> an excellent reference guide to citing in MLA, APA, and Chicago Style. This is also a great research and writing resource!

APA and MLA Citation Format Charts

Bronte College APA Citation Format

Bronte College MLA Citation Format

APA, MLA, and Chicago style editing checklists (with special thanks to Ms. Schumann Johns and the English Department):