Message for Parents: Coronavirus

January 28, 2020

Dear Parents,

I am writing to share with you the Coronavirus plan that Bronte College has implemented since being advised of the spread of the Coronavirus disease in China. We are aware that a number of our students went on vacation to China for Lunar New Year celebrations and that we have new students arriving for the start our second semester. To date, we have no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in our city of Mississauga and we are working hard to ensure that your son and/or daughter remains healthy. There are currently zero Bronte students quarantined and zero students showing symptoms of the Coronavirus. As new and returning students enter Bronte College they will all be tested for symptoms, including temperature checks. New and returning students from high risk areas in China will be checked upon returning to the school and monitored throughout the start of the semester.

Here are some of the key features of our Coronavirus plan that we believe will ensure you and your son and/or daughter stay informed. As well as understand the need to follow our strict hygiene rules and report to the nurse immediately if they acquire any flu-like symptoms:

  1. Students will be informed at an assembly on February 3rd, 2020 of the correct hygiene required to keep them healthy during the Canadian flu season and this potential Coronavirus.
  2. Dr. N. Gouda, Head of Student Governance, will present to the students the means by which the Coronavirus and other seasonal flus are transmitted.
  3. All students and staff of Bronte College were informed of the Coronavirus symptoms and advised to remain home if any symptoms are present.
  4. Currently Bronte College has 40 hand sanitizers in all common areas throughout the building.
  5. Students in residence will report to the front desk or Nurse in person or by phone to report their symptoms. When their temperature is taken and if a fever is present in combination with any other symptoms, students will be masked and taken to a clinic for assessment. Upon returning from the clinic, they will be cared for in an isolated area of the residence until they are symptom free.
  6. Records are being kept of all students and staff exhibiting flu-like symptoms.
  7. Identified Coronavirus cases must be reported to Peel Region Public Health.

For further information regarding Coronavirus please contact orĀ to receive the most up-to-date information.

Thank you for your continued support of Bronte College, we are doing the best we can to ensure the health and safety of all staff and students.


Diane Finlay,

Head of School