Academic Support Services

We're here every step of the way...


The Guidance Department provides support in determining students’ academic goals and future plans. Guidance Counselors monitor students’ progress on a variety of fronts, including assistance with course selection, and meeting graduation requirements. Our Guidance Counselors also welcome students who may need social or emotional support and provide parents with an avenue to discuss their child’s progress.

Head of Student Governance

The Head of Student Governance is responsible for enforcing policies related to student discipline and works with Campus Life staff to ensure that policies are followed outside of class hours. Essentially a bridge between Academics and Campus Life, the Head of Student Governance enforces warnings and disciplinary actions for unacceptable student behaviour, and informs parents, teachers and the Campus Life team on issues regarding student conduct.

Tutorial Support Services

Bronte College offers students many avenues to seek extra help and improve their academic performance outside of class:

Evening Study Hall

Held from 7:00pm-9:00pm Monday through Thursday, this supervised program is mandatory for students 17 and under.

Office Hours

Our teachers frequently hold office hours after school where students may book time to receive additional support.

Peer Tutoring Program

Organized by our Guidance Department, the Peer Tutoring Program is held after school hours during weekdays. Students may sign up in the Guidance Office.

University Information Fair

Every year, the Guidance Department holds an information session at the end of October to walk graduating students through the process of applying to Ontario universities. At that time, the Guidance Counselors provide all the necessary documents to apply. Should students require counseling regarding their choices for university programs, admission requirements and program of study information prior to this date, they are invited to speak to one of the Guidance Counselors in the Guidance Office.

Parental Communication

Understanding the importance of parental involvement in education, we have incorporated the use of a web portal that allows parents to see their child’s attendance record and midterm marks during the year. Should parents wish to contact their child’s teachers directly, communication is facilitated via email or the teacher website.


Orientation allows students to meet new friends and familiarize themselves with everything Bronte College has to offer. Prior to the start of the Fall semester, new students will receive a Welcome Package, student ID cards, set up Canadian bank accounts, and get fitted for school uniforms. In addition, our Admissions and Campus Life Staff organize frequent tours of the school, its surrounding neighbourhoods and hold engaging events and activities.