More than just food.

Cafeteria tables and service stationOur full-service cafeteria provides nutritious meals prepared fresh and in-house by a multicultural team. Our Cafeteria is open 365 days per year, including all holidays. We offer students a full meal plan. Breakfast, lunch, dinner are served Monday to Friday, with an evening snack Monday to Thursday, and brunch and dinner are served on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Special meals are prepared to accommodate students with dietary restrictions.

Working closely with the student-run Food Committee, we constantly update our menu to accommodate students’ ever-changing palates, and strive to provide the highest quality ingredients to fuel students’ academic performance. The Food Committee plans special menus throughout the year to celebrate the holidays with festive meals, and organizes events to showcase international cuisine.

Cafeteria dish. Salmon, rice and vegetables.