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OSSD Admissions Criteria

We admit students on a case-by-case basis, looking at their overall history to truly understand the type of applicant in consideration. Typically, we require at least a 75% average with consistent grades over the last 3 years of study. English, Math and Science tend to carry heavier weight when considering applicants. In some cases, we ask for a written essay, study plan, or interview to allow applicants to explain their academic history and what they would like to achieve at Bronte College.

IB Diploma Programme Admissions Criteria

Applicants for the IB Diploma Programme are expected to have at least an 80% average, very strong English (IELTS 6.0+), and exemplary leadership, community involvement and extra-curricular experience.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program Admissions Criteria

Applicants for the Advanced Placement Program must be applying to our Grade 12 OSSD program and are expected to have at least an 80% average.

English Support Admissions Criteria

Pending results of the applicants’ English proficiency test (either submitted with their application or taken once the accepted student arrives at Bronte), we will place ESL students accordingly. For more information on the program and assessment, please contact our Admissions Department.

Express Program

Applicants for the Express Program must be entering Grade 12, have a strong command of the English language, at least an 80% average, and be highly disciplined to study 6 pre-university courses in a compressed time span.