Campus Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the capacity of the dormitory?


Our dormitory has rooms for 352 students. We have 258 single rooms, 39 double rooms, and 4 quad rooms, for a total of 301 rooms in our dormitory. There are approximately 40 rooms per floor, and 8 floors in total.

Question: What’s in a single room?


A single room consists of a bed with bedding, a closet, study desk and sink. It also has a telephone, internet access, and is cleaned once per week.

Question: What other rooms are available?


In addition to single rooms, we also offer double rooms (for 2 students) and quad rooms (for 4 students).

Question: Do I have a private washroom in my room?


All dormitory washrooms and showers are shared between 5 to 6 rooms per floor.

Question: Do boys and girls live in the same building?


Male and female students are restricted to different floors of the dormitory.  In addition to room keys, girls carry floor keys to gain access. Boys reside on floors 1 to 4, while girls reside on floors 5 to 8 in the same dormitory  building.

Question: What appliances/decorations am I allowed to have in my room?


Students are allowed to have the following appliances:

  • Kettles and irons with automatic shut-off
  • Blenders
  • Only one CSA approved extension cord and power bar is permitted
  • Mini-fridges, heaters, air conditioners
  • Posters and decorations that are tasteful in content, appearance and support the values of the school

Question: What appliances/decorations am I NOT allowed to have in my room?


  • Cooking and heating appliances (i.e. hot plate, George Foreman Grille, etc)
  • Display monitors and excess computer equipment
  • Video games devices
  • Multiple extension cords and power cords
  • Beer, liquor and wine bottles as decorations
  • Candles and any open flame items (i.e. incense, lanterns, etc)

Question: Do students have access to laundry?


Laundry rooms are located on the 3rd and 7th floor. Washers and Dryers are available for use with a cash card.

Question: Where can I find the Campus Life Staff?


Students can find Campus Life Staff in the Campus Life Office G1 (905-270-7788 Ext. 1888), or via email at

Question: I want a particular room type; will I get it?


Bronte College has a variety of room types – single, double and quad. We also offer a homestay program. Accommodation preferences are assigned according to the date the accommodation fees are received by Bronte College. The earlier students apply and pay their accommodation fees, the more likely they will be assigned the room type of their choice. As a guideline, students interested in on-campus accommodation for the September semester should submit their application form and accommodation fees by early March, or sooner. Contact Admissions to determine if dormitory rooms are available at the time you submit your application. If your preferred room type is not available at time of payment, a substitution will be made depending on availability.

Question: Are students allowed to be in the dormitory during the school day?


No. There is no access to the dormitory during school hours, unless students are granted special permission by the Head of Student Governance.

Question: Are students allowed to leave the campus?


Yes. Students are allowed to leave the campus as long as there is nothing mandatory they need to attend (daily classes, extra-curricular activities, tutorials, study hall, etc). Students must be back on campus, however, in time for curfew.

Question: What time is curfew for students living in the dormitory?


Bronte College students have two curfews they must follow: a building curfew, and a room curfew.

Building Curfew – All Bronte College students must be in the building by 10:00 pm each evening.

Room Curfew – All students must be in their own rooms by 11:00 pm each evening.

Question: Can I be given an extension on curfew time?


Extended curfew hours may be granted by the Head of Student Governance on non-school days. We ask that students provide a written or emailed request from a parent or legal guardian at least 48 hours in advance of the requested day. If this request is approved by the Head of Student Governance, students must complete and sign a form available at the Front Desk before leaving the campus.

Question: Does the dormitory close for holidays?


Both our dormitory and Cafeteria are open 365 days a year, during all holidays and school breaks. Students who wish to stay in the dormitory  during school holidays (Summer Break NOT included) will not be charged extra. Students who wish to stay in the dormitory during the Summer Break will be charged an extra fee.

Question: Does Bronte College offer weekend and holiday trips?


Yes. Our Campus Life Staff organize trips including the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Canada’s Wonderland, New York, Quebec City, and skiing at Mont Tremblant. The trips offered vary from year to year, depending on student interest. Some trips and activities are offered free of charge, whereas others require students to pay a fee to attend.

Question: What are the rules on smoking at Bronte?


In accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere on Bronte College property. It is also against provincial law to smoke or purchase cigarettes if you are under the age of 19, or to give or sell cigarettes to anyone under the age of 19.

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act states that:

No person shall smoke or hold lighted tobacco and/or electronic cigarettes in the following places or areas:

  • A school as defined by the Education Act
  • A building or the grounds surrounding the building of a private school, where the private school is the only occupant of the premises, or the grounds annexed to a private school, where the private school is not the only occupant of the premises

For more information about Ontario Smoking Laws, check out:

Question: I like to ride a bike around campus. What are the rules?


Rules of the Road:

As a cyclist, you must share the road with others (i.e.: cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc.). Under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act (HTA), a bicycle is a vehicle, just like a car or truck.


  • Must obey all traffic laws
  • Have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers
  • Cannot carry passengers (if your bicycle is only meant for one person)
  • Students may safely park their bikes just left of the main school entrance.

For more information about cycling safety, check out: