Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What’s a snapshot of Bronte’s program?


  • Greater Toronto Area – Mississauga, Ontario
  • Grades 9-12
  • 3 Semester Intakes: September, January, July (Aug/Jan/July – for 2017-18)
  • University Admission Success Rate of 98%
  • Residence & Homestay
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) World School
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Engaging Extra Curricular Programs
  • Full-Service Cafeteria
  • Summer Camp (Ages 12-17)
  • International student focus
  • English Language Support

Question: What are your semester intakes?


September, February, and July.

Question: Can students apply for 1 semester or 1 year of study?


Yes. You may apply for both options.

Question: What are the Application Deadlines?


Our applications are rolling; i.e. no deadline as long as the student can get a study permit in time to start the program. We suggest applying as early as possible to ensure space is available both in the classroom and in residence.

Question: To whom do I send the application form?


Please send the Application Form and related documents to

Question: What’s the best way to submit an application?


We prefer to receive applications submitted online to We do accept hard copy applications by mail, or a scanned copy by email, but the processing times will be longer than through online submissions.

Question: Do you have a list of all documents required for the application?


Yes. Please refer to the “How To Apply” section on our website.

In general we require:

  1. Application form accompanied with the Application Fee of CAD $300.00
  2. Photocopy of passport
  3. School transcript reports from the last 2.5-3 years of study
  4. Competed Application Forms can be sent to

Question: How do I submit my transcripts?


To speed up the process we accept soft copies student transcripts via email. However, before the student starts his/her studies, we require a certified copy of transcripts to be kept on record. This can either be sent via mail or submitted in person when the student arrives at Bronte.

Question: How and when can I pay the Application Fee?


The Application Fee can be paid online and must be submitted at the same time as the Application Form.

Note: You will be taken to another secure page to make payment.

Question: How long does it take to know if I have been accepted or not?


If the application package submitted is complete, students will receive a reply within 3-5 business days. If accepted to Bronte College, a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) will only be issued once the payment is made. If the student needs a custodianship letter, that letter along with the LOA and receipt of payment will be couriered out within one to two weeks of receiving the payment.

Question: Are there any IELTS requirements for International students?


Bronte College does not require IELTS scores. Student will be provided links to online testing, and placed into ESL classes if required. Bronte College’s ESL program is integrated into the regular timetable so students benefit from English immersion. If applicable, math and science proficiency testing will be arranged to determine class placement.

Question: I finished Grade 11 in my home country. Can I be accepted for Grade 12 and graduate in 1 year with the OSSD?


Yes. Contact our Admissions Department for more details at

Question: What does the Annual Registration Fee cover?


The Annual Registration Fee covers the following:

  • Reserves a space for the student in the program
  • Textbook rentals
  • Facility improvements
  • Some activities
  • Student incidentals

Question: Do you offer Custodianship services?


For international students under the age of 18 who are without a parent or legal guardian, we provide custodianship service, which allows a staff member to act in place of a parent or guardian in the event of an emergency. When students receive their Conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLOA), a Custodian Declaration Form is included in the package for parents to notarize and sign for our records.

Question: Do you help students with Visas and Study Permit Applications?


Bronte College assists new and current students with visa and study permit applications and extensions. Students will be notified on the procedures, documentation and forms that are necessary to meet submission deadlines.

Question: How Do I Submit my Visa or Study Permit Applications?


Applications for both Visas and Study Permits can be submitted online at MyCIC (

Online applications save an enormous amount of time and are highly recommended over mail; online submissions take approximately 30-45 days versus 5 months via mail.

Students under the age of 16 require a parent or agent to set up an online account on their behalf. The login information can then be shared with the student for future access.

Please note that government fees are paid online via credit card only.

Question: What Items Do I need to Submit my Applications?



  • MyCIC online account login
  • Physically mail the passport in
  • Pre-paid envelope that can be purchased at the post-office (regional express post envelope)

Study Permit:

  • MyCIC online account login
  • Bank statement showing a minimum amount of $3000
  • Passport
  • Current Study Permit (If applicable)


The duration of a Study Permit depends on the applicant’s passport validity. We request that Study Permits last until September after the student’s Grade 12 year, but ultimately the duration granted depends on Immigration. Students must have a new Study Permit for post-secondary school.

Question: Do I need an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to study at Bronte?


International students from countries other than United States of America (USA) must apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). The application can be completed online at and requires a passport, credit card, and email address.

Question: What’s the nationality mix?


Over the years we have welcomed students from all over the world. This year (2018-2019), there are 30 countries represented in the student population.


Question: Does Bronte have a Nurse on campus?


Yes. Our school nurse supports student health and well-being on campus. We also offer a health insurance plan for international students. The plan ensures students are adequately covered in the event of emergencies. Ontario residents are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

Question: Average class size?


12 = ESL, 18 = academic classes.

Question: Is Bronte College a religious school?


No. We are a non-denominational school and welcome everyone

Question: Do I have to wear a uniform?


Yes. All students must wear a uniform during school hours. We provide a uniform package to all students. Typically, uniform package fees are sent out to students upon their acceptance.

Question: Does Bronte provide Airport Pick-ups?


When new students arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport, a Bronte College staff member will greet them. Airport reception is complimentary for first-time arrivals. Students should provide the school with one week’s notice (min 48 hours notice), complete with flight details.