Summer Camp 2017

August 14, 2017

Summer Camp 2017 at Bronte College has officially come to an end! During the month of July, our campers got to learn, travel, and participate in many activities and trips. For most of our campers, this was their first time coming to Canada. We took our campers on many trips and activities to experience Canada and the Canadian culture. Some of the trips and activities included canoeing in Lake Ontario and travelling east on the French Canada tour, where they got to explore the Thousand Islands, Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa over three days.

At every Summer Camp graduation ceremony, we were very sad to say goodbye to our campers, but we know they are leaving Bronte College with new Canadian experiences, adventures, new friends from around the world and lasting memories. We would like to thank all of those who made summer camp a success! Special thank you to all our chaperones, camp counsellors, teachers and all the Bronte College staff for making summer camp 2017 amazing.

We wish our summer campers the best and look forward to seeing many of you back as high school students at Bronte College! Check out the photos from our summer camp adventures below.