Canada Ranked Among the Safest in the World Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

July 9, 2020

A recent report assessing the safety of 200 countries and regions across the world has ranked Canada among the safest, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The report is by the Deep Knowledge Group, a group of companies and non-profits owned by Deep Knowledge Ventures, an investment firm founded in 2014. The report has been shared by many reputable sources, including Forbes Magazine.

Based on a 4-tier system, with ‘tier 1’ being the safest, Canada was ranked the twelfth safest country in the world. The report used over 11, 400 data points in six areas such as emergency preparedness and efficiency of quarantine measures.  Canada is the only North American country to fall in the top tier. Read the full COVID-19 Regional Safety Assessment Report. 

On July 3rd, Ontario reported only 165 new COVID-19 cases as active cases continue to decline. The province is slowly starting to re-open and further safety measures are being implemented. It is now mandatory to wear a face mask in public indoor spaces.

Bronte College is proud of the community for working together to keep our campus a safe space.  We are confident Ontario will continue to recover and are excited to welcome new students to Canada this September.