A Day in the Life of a Bronte College Boarding Student!

November 11, 2023

Jessica’s alarm goes off at 7am. She jumps out of bed, washes up at the sink in her room and then changes into her school uniform for the day – her Bronte dress shirt, pants, and vest.

Heading to the elevators she meets several of the other girls on her floor and they head down for breakfast together. The menu offers her lots of choice; assorted muffins, hard-boiled eggs, cold cuts, yogurt, cereal/milk, a selection of fruit and juice, and sweet potato congee.

It’s now 8:15am and almost time for class – Jessica waves goodbye to her friends and heads to her first class of the day – chemistry. Her teacher greets all the students as they arrive and everyone stands for O Canada, the national anthem. Morning announcements follow and the student announcer reminds students which clubs will be available after school.





The bell rings and it’s time for Jessica’s favourite subject, English. Time surely flies when you are enjoying something – each period is 75 minutes long. The bell rings soon after and it’s time for her International Business Fundamentals class. Next is lunch break and the day is already half over!

Jessica meets up with friends and they join the line up in the cafeteria. Jessica chooses the Greek Moussaka, grabs some salad from the salad bar and some fruit for dessert. She loves the fact that there is a new selection daily.  After filling up on a delicious meal, Jessica and her friends go outside to watch some other students playing soccer on the field – it’s a beautiful warm day! When the bell rings, they head inside for their last two classes.

It’s 3:20pm and school is over for the day. Jessica has some questions about her Chemistry lesson this morning, so she heads back to her teacher for a quick chat. Her friend Jemimah tags along.





Jessica then heads up to the art room; it’s art club afterschool and they will be creating small clay animals and painting them – each creator gets to unleash their creativity! Jemimah heads off to the gym for a Zumba class instead.

After art club, Jessica heads up to her room to change into civvies, and then joins Jemimah for a walk to the local store. Jessica buys some shampoo and a treat for later. One look at her phone and Jessica realizes its past 5pm and time for dinner. They hurry back to the cafeteria and join the line of students. For dinner, Jessica decides on the Caribbean Beef Stew while Jemimah tries the Spanish Spiced Rubbed Chicken. The Food Committee at Bronte is proud to deliver a perfect mix of worldwide cuisines to its students.





7PM to 9PM is a mandatory study hall that Jessica must attend. It’s only compulsory for students under the age of 17. Jessica completes her homework and practices for her quiz the next day.

The clock strikes 9 and students have the option of heading towards an evening activity arranged by the Campus Life Team where there is something new and fun planned every day! Jessica joins the other students in the kitchen classroom where they are learning to make cookies. Each student gets to sample their baking when it is done, so no need to head to the cafeteria for an evening snack tonight.

After helping to tidy up, Jessica heads upstairs to the dormitories. She now has until 11pm to be ready for bed as that’s when the student dons will conduct a room check to ensure all students are in their rooms. She’s looking forward to a fun weekend – the Campus Life staff have planned a trip to Toronto’s famous amusement park – Canada’s Wonderland, but first it is time for a good night’s sleep!