Recognizing Bronte’s Past Graduates

January 8, 2020

Founded in 1991, Bronte College has continuously been committed to providing a learning environment that emphasizes academic excellence and individual growth. Open-mindedness, inclusivity and respect are core values of the Bronte community that have worked to shape the students who live and study on our campus.

Throughout the years, Bronte College has fostered thousands of graduates who have gone on to pursue higher education both in Canada and worldwide, who have reached great success in their academics and respective careers. We recognize the impressive accomplishments of our past graduates and congratulate them on their achievements.

Ali                     Harvard Law School, Doctor of Law

Dayesh             Dental Surgeon, Valencia Area

Boye                  Advisor Planning at Enbridge Gas. P. Eng. PMP

Ben                    Assistant Professor of Mathematics at University of Waterloo

Chuanren        Analyst, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jenn                   CEO at Top International Holding Pte LTD.

Mable                Public Health Professional at Harvard Massachusetts

Jonathan          Kings College London, UK, Medical Specialist in Radiology

Niuola               Shell Exploration at University of North Texas

Ji                          Managing Director in South Korea

Andrew             RF Designer at Erisson in Mississauga, Ontario