Grade:Class of 2017 Graduate

Program:Biomedical Science

University:York University

Femi is a Bronte College alumnus, who is part of the Class of 2017. During his time at Bronte, Femi was involved in many extra-curricular clubs and served as a Student Don in residence. Since graduating, Femi has gone on to post-secondary where he studies Biomedical Science at York University in Toronto, Ontario.

What did you like most about your time at Bronte?

I liked the friendly teaching and non-teaching staff like Mr. Frost who helped make my transition to Bronte College easier and made my stay enjoyable. They did this by creating a friendly and welcoming environment which helped me get the best out of both my academic and extracurricular life at Bronte. Also, the small class sizes helped me as a student get the best understanding from what was being taught by each of my teachers.

In your opinion, how did Bronte College prepare you for post-secondary?

My experience at Bronte College prepared me for my first-year courses at university as I had the skills to apply the knowledge and foundations I learned at Bronte to my post-secondary classes. I had the opportunity of being a Student Don at Bronte College and this experience helped me learn how to balance school work with other responsibilities.  The extra-curricular activities I was exposed to helped me work on and improve my teamwork and leadership skills which have positively impacted my participation and involvement in clubs at university.

How did your perspective on Bronte College — and on your experience there — evolve now that you have graduated and gone onto post-secondary?

I came into Bronte College not knowing what to expect and I opened up myself to the different experiences they provided. After leaving Bronte, I realized it had helped prepare me for my post-secondary experience both academically and socially.

Do you have any advice to new incoming students?

My advice to new incoming students would be to enjoy what Bronte has to offer. Make friends with other students and interact with your teachers. They are there to help you succeed!