Hometown:Hong Kong

Grade:12, Class of 2020 Graduate

Programs:Communication, Culture, Information & Technology

University:University of Toronto

Clubs:Food Committee

Cordelia is a Grade 12 student who has been studying at Bronte College over the past four years. She has made her mark at Bronte as a member of the Food Committee. Cordelia has received multiple acceptances to top schools in Ontario, Canada, and has accepted her offer to the University of Toronto in the Communication, Culture, Information & Technology program. Congratulations Cordelia on your amazing successes and acceptances!

What has made your time at Bronte College special?

Studying at Bronte has been a special time for me because it gives me a unique experience. I have an excellent opportunity to meet students and staff from different cultural backgrounds. I have learned about a variety of cultures and improved my English skills at the same time, which I feel really grateful for.

What is your favorite subject to study in school? Do you feel you have improved in this class since studying at Bronte?

¬†English is my favorite subject to study at Bronte. All of the English teachers are very professional and understand ESL students’ difficulties. I feel I have greatly improved my English skills, and it contributes to me having more self-confidence to get along and communicate with members in the community. I am thankful to all the English teachers who have taught me!

What is your favorite event organized by the Residence Team at Bronte?

My favorite residence event was the French Canada trip, I visited Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City in four days. It was a memorable trip because it gave me an excellent opportunity to see another side of Canada with my friends at Bronte.

Tell me about your experience living in Canada. 

Overall my living experience in Canada is absolutely marvellous! I feel glad and joyful to study in Canada because it is a country where it is safe and friendly to foreigners. I am highly appreciative to Bronte teachers and the Prefect Council for hosting a Cultural Month every school year. Students have an opportunity to dress up in cultural garments and exchange cultural traditions. At the same time, students are also learning different cultures and adapting to Canada’s lifestyle since Canada is a multicultural country. I would like to give a big thanks to Bronte’s teachers and Prefect Council for hosting the events in the Cultural Month because it makes me feel less homesick when I get to express my culture. It also helps me learn about new cultures, and those events contribute to me adapting to the Canadian lifestyle.