Grade:12, Class of 2020 Graduate

Programs:Smith School of Business

University:Queens University

Clubs:Student Committee, Food Committee, Laundry Team, Dance Team

Bill is a driven Grade 12 student at Bronte College who has achieved his dream of gaining acceptance to the prestigious Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. Before coming to Bronte, Bill lived and studied in China. He is an active member of both the Student Committee and Food Committee at Bronte College.

Congratulations on your university acceptance! How was your experience applying to post-secondary?

Queen’s University Smith School of Business has always been my goal. Before applying to the university, I had made full preparations to understand the admission requirements of the program. The Smith School of Business focuses not only on academic performance, but also on extracurricular activities and leadership. This is a reason why I actively participated in different student clubs and activities during my stay in Bronte College. Applying for business school is one of the most difficult things I had to do. It requires preparation of many papers, personal essays and so on. Fortunately, I was admitted to the Smith School of Business at Queen’s university, one of the best business schools in Canada. I feel that all my efforts have paid off!

In your opinion, what are the best features about Bronte College?

Bronte offers rich course selection and each class has a small number of students, which is beneficial for direct communication between students and teachers. There is daily one-on-one tutoring from classroom teachers and support from guidance counsellors when applying for university. Living on residence is very safe as there are night teachers and 24-hour front desk security.

How did you feel supported while staying on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic?

During the period of COVID-19, a full-day of online learning was implemented, with full day online courses to ensure that academic performance and college admission would not be affected. There were lots of interesting residence activities being held to participate in while keeping a social distance, such as paint nights, crafting and watching movies.

What do you feel you have you gained as Bronte student during your time on campus compared to when you first arrived?

I have gained new friends from different countries around the world, such as Vietnam, Russia and Nigeria. I feel I have gained a global perspective through communication with students from various countries, which helped me understand differences between cultures. I am prepared for academic success in university since studying at Bronte and my English ability has been improved!

How has joining extra-curricular student clubs enhanced your leadership skills?

My leadership was enhanced during my time on the Student Committee, where I was responsible for morning announcements and event planning. This not only strengthened my oral English ability, but also improved my planning, organization, and coordination skills. I assisted in survey planning for student feedback as a member of the Food Committee and organized different cultural events for different festivals, such as Chinese lunar New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.