Country of OriginMexico


Program of Interest:Science

Clubs:Prefect Council, Dance Team

Nicolas is a grade 9 student at Bronte College. He loves to socialize with his friends and experience new and different cultures with his classmates. Nicolas has joined the Prefect Council and Dance Team during his time at Bronte.

Do you like biology or chemistry more? Why do you enjoy science?

When talking about science, my favourite part is chemistry because it forms a base to all the different sections of science and it can help us to understand and make us wonder about everything that is around us!

Do you enjoy living in residence? What is your favourite memory living on campus?

One of the best experience that I have had in my life is living in a place with all my friends, a place that whenever you need help, support or just want to have fun, there will always be people there for you; I will always remember going downstairs to have breakfast, lunch or dinner and seeing a table full of so many people that I love.

Tell me about your experience so far studying in Canada.

Studying in Canada has been very enriching for me and has opened my eyes to the world. The people from all over the world that I have met here gave me so many new points of view from the ones I previously held. Now if I have a problem or challenge to solve I will have a very multicultural solution to it.

Which extra-curricular clubs are you involved in at Bronte and why did you join?

I am part of the Prefect Council because I think that if you have the opportunity to help others and try to make things better you should never waste it. I am also part of the dance team because I enjoy moving a lot, spending time with other people and being on stage.