Program of Interest:Forensic Science

Clubs:Prefect Council, Debate Club, Tutoring Club

Amber is a Grade 11 student at Bronte College who has a passion for knowledge and learning new cultures. Before studying at Bronte, Amber lived and studied in Vietnam. She is interested in studying Forensic Science in university and plans to apply to the University of Toronto. Amber is also a member of the Prefect Council, Debate Club and the Tutoring Club at Bronte College.

Tell me about your experience as a Bronte College student. 

As a Bronte student, the most significant thing that I have gained is a global perspective and new friends from so many cultures around the world. I love that I’m able to learn the first-hand experience of what it’s like to grow up in another country, their traditions, and the difference in our knowledge.

Tell me about your experience studying in Canada so far.

My experience in Canada has gone exponentially well. Even though this is my first time studying abroad, I feel I have adapted well to the environment here and fit in immediately. I have learned a lot of new things from amazing courses at Bronte and more importantly, I have been able to meet incredible new friends and teachers!

What is the biggest difference between studying in Canada and studying in Vietnam?

For me, the biggest difference between studying in Canada and studying in Vietnam is the level of practical activities. Back in my home country, we spend more time studying theories and don’t have much chance of applying what we learn in class into real life. That is what I love from studying in Canada because everything is much more hands-on.

What is your favorite extra-curricular club on campus?

To me, the Tutoring Club is extremely useful and has greatly influenced my time spent at Bronte. The Tutoring Club gives me more time to complete my school work and an opportunity to ask my teachers questions for clarification.