The Bronte Beat

April 15, 2024


Our Visual Arts students  recently took a trip to the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga to attend a Clay Mask Workshop. During this workshop, they gained hands-on experience in sculpting and molding techniques. This immersive experience allowed them to explore and express their creativity, enriching their understanding of the visual arts.


Our co-ed volleyball team recently participated in an all-day tournament, where we witnessed some great setting, passing, volleying, spiking, and serving. The team worked hard and kept the losses close, and also had some big wins! Overall, they learned the importance of perseverance and had much fun. Way to go, Dragons! To read more about what’s happening on Campus, pleaseClick Here. 


Ms. Powers, our head of school, recently had a wonderful opportunity to travel to several cities in China, including Zhengzhou. During her visit, she met with the administration, teachers, students, and parents of our partner school,  ZhengZhou #7 and our sister school, Sancha Middle School in Chengdu. This trip provided her with a deeper understanding of China’s rich culture, history, and cuisine. Ms. Powers’ visit was a great success and has strengthened our relationship with our sister and partner schools, paving the way for further opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration. To stay updated on all that’s happening on campus, Click Here.

Skate Ontario Provincial Championship Winner

Bronte College is incredibly proud of our student, Joy, for her exceptional performances at the Skate Ontario Provincial Championships in Ontario. Joy demonstrated her talent and unwavering dedication in both the Gold Artistic category and the Novice Women Free Program category, which earned her two impressive Silver Medals for the entire province of Ontario. Her remarkable achievements reflect her hard work, skill, and passion, making her an outstanding example of excellence at Bronte College. For more Campus Updates, Click here.

Go-Karting Trip

Our Campus Life Team organized an exciting outdoor trip for the students to go go-karting at K1 Speed Mississauga. This challenge provided a competitive environment where students could showcase their driving skills on the venue’s indoor tracks. The tracks were designed to offer a safe yet thrilling atmosphere, where our students engaged in multiple races to achieve the lowest lap times. The top three positions were recognized with medals as a token.

Happy Nowruz

As we welcome the arrival of spring, we also embrace the cherished tradition of Nowruz, the Persian New Year. Nowruz, which means “new day,” symbolizes the spirit of renewal, hope, and new beginnings. May the coming year be filled with joyous moments, health, and success in all your endeavours. To read our latest newsletter, please Click Here


At Bronte, we value diversity and inclusion, and we actively promote and celebrate these values. Our Campus Life Team recently organized a special Kahoot session in honour of St. Patrick’s Day, aimed at enhancing students’ appreciation and understanding of different cultures. Participants were encouraged to form teams that brought together individuals from different backgrounds and experiences to work collaboratively during the session. This approach not only emphasized the importance of teamwork and communication but also highlighted the idea that diversity is a strength that enhances learning and creativity.

A Visit To Wilfrid Laurier University

Our students recently attended an open house event at Wilfrid Laurier University. During the event, they were given a guided tour around the campus, had the opportunity to meet with faculty members, and received swag bags. One of our students even won a gift card in the lucky draw. Visiting open houses can provide students with a valuable glimpse into what university life can be like!


Visual art is a broad term that refers to a diverse range of art forms that convey messages, meanings, and emotions through visual means such as paintings, sculptures, drawings, and digital art. Recently, Ms. Motiwala’s Grade 12 Visual Arts students created an awe-inspiring collection of artworks showcasing their talent, hard work, and creativity. The artworks were a stunning reflection of the students’ artistic abilities and demonstrated their exceptional skill in bringing their imaginative ideas to life on the canvas. To read our latest newsletter, please Click Here. 


Our students had a special visit from a Sifu (Instructor) for their gym class. The Sifu taught them the art of Tai chi, which involves a series of slow, gentle movements and physical postures, along with a meditative state of mind and controlled breathing. Our students learned various techniques under the Sifu’s guidance to develop flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. 


Our table tennis team took part in the qualifier tournament at the ROPSSAA TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 – We had two Senior Boys Doubles teams and two Senior Boys Singles participating in the competition. All team members put in a lot of effort and performed well. Our best player was Zakaria, who secured the 5th position overall in the championship. For more Campus Updates, Click here. 


Our grade 11 biology and chemistry students visited “Way to Glow” at the Ontario Science Centre, where they engaged in a biotechnology lab focusing on the transformation of E. coli bacteria. The lab involved inserting the Glow Gene “gP40” and an ampicillin-resistant gene “bla” into non-pathogenic E. coli strains. The results revealed that bacterial colonies glowing under UV light had successfully incorporated the glow gene into their DNA. This hands-on experience provided insight into genetic engineering, typically conducted at the university level, with potential applications in neuroscience and human genetics research.


During a recent physics class, our students experimented to analyze the correlation between height, acceleration, and gravity. This allowed them to explore fundamental principles of motion and gravitational force. It was fascinating to see how each student had unique ideas that came to life during the experiment. For more Campus updates, Click Here. 


Our school is committed to diversity and inclusivity, and to celebrate the upcoming Family Day Weekend, the Student Food Committee organized an event with the theme “Bronte: A Family of Different Cultures”, which highlighted the significance of acknowledging and appreciating the diverse cultural backgrounds within our community. To commemorate the occasion, students were encouraged to wear clothing that represents their home countries or any cultural significance. 



Our Student Food Committee arranged a special Valentine’s Day dinner on Wednesday, that included delicious food, a chocolate fountain to dip marshmallows in, and yummy cupcakes to end the meal. For more Campus Updates, Click Here


At Bronte, we place great importance on the value of diversity and strive to create an inclusive environment that encourages students to engage in intercultural pursuits. Our community comprises students from over 32 different nationalities, and we believe that cultural exchange enriches our campus experience. Recently, we celebrated the Lunar New Year, where our students enjoyed a scrumptious feast and participated in creating special decorations for this festive event. It was a wonderful celebration that brought our community together.


To welcome our new students and help them meet fellow students, the Campus Life Team organized a series of events, including a lantern-making session to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, a baking session where participants learned how to make Puff Puffs from scratch, and a fun taste test where everyone was given nine different types of Lay’s chips to try and guess the flavours. For more Campus updates ​Click Here.


The Canadian government has made changes to the international student program, including caps on international students, attestation letters, and increased financial requirements. However, these changes do not affect current students renewing study permits at Bronte College, nor do they apply to our graduates. Bronte College students renewing study permits or applying to university do not need attestation letters either. Students renewing permits while at boarding school should demonstrate a reasonable bank balance, and it's advised to indicate that boarding fees cover accommodation and meals. Those applying for university must show access to $20,635 for accommodation, including providing receipts if the accommodation has been prepaid.


Congratulations to the graduates of January who have completed their high school journey and are now ready to embark on a new beginning. They are eagerly waiting for acceptance letters from universities of their choice, including the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, York University, etc.


Bronte College has partnered with the University of Ottawa to waive the IELTS requirement for graduates who have achieved a score of 80% or higher in ENG4U. Students from Bronte College embarked on a trip to Ottawa where they immersed themselves in Canadian culture at The National Gallery, explored Byward Market, and visited uOttawa’s Engineering Department, during an organized open house


Bronte College has recently launched a Leadership Program designed for students in grades 9 and 10. The program aims to foster capable and compassionate leaders through a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional classroom learning. A critical component of the program is a camping excursion to Camp Tawingo in Muskoka, which involves over 32 students in a variety of outdoor activities that help build leadership skills and promote self-exploration amidst the scenic lakes and autumn foliage of the region.

Recently, Bronte College students, numbering over 32, enjoyed an unforgettable outdoor adventure at Camp Tawingo. They engaged in a diverse range of activities, such as hiking, setting up camp, building fires, constructing tents, canoeing, and preparing their meals. They experienced nights under the stars, enjoyed leisure time, refreshing swims, and marveled at the beautiful autumn foliage, creating lasting memories.


We’re excited to welcome Sancha Lake Middle School from Chengdu, China to our Bronte College Sister School program.. This program enables cultural exchange through interactive online classes, providing students with a better understanding of each other’s cultures, languages, and educational systems. As part of the program, our teachers and students participated in virtual cooking and art classes, where both schools contributed to give each other a taste of their teaching methods.