Athletic Ceremony 2019

June 17, 2019

On Wednesday June 12, Bronte students and staff gathered to celebrate all of the hard work our student athletes have put forth this year and acknowledge the success of our teams and the historic year for Bronte sports! This annual event was put on by our Student Athletic Council to honour Bronte athletes, coaches, teachers, students and staff who have participated and supported athletics at Bronte College.

With special performances from our Dance team coaches, speeches from team captains and a historic winning season, this year’s Athletic Ceremony was a success! There are 4 winners from each sports team; the rookie of the year award goes to an athlete who showed lots of success in their first year playing sports at Bronte College. The most improved player goes to the athlete that showed the most growth in the season. The team award goes to the athlete that sacrificed a lot for the team putting their individual needs aside for the team’s overall success. The most valuable player goes to the athlete that showcased excellence in their sport.

A big congratulations to all of our Bronte athletes!

Team Award Winners

Student Athletic Council

MVP: Vlada

MVP: Kashish

Soccer  Rookie of the Year: Dapo

Most Improved Player: Victor

Team Award: Amadou

MVP: Abdullah

Badminton Rookie of the Year: Jonathan

Most Improved Player: Rita

Team Award: Daisy

MVP: Jackson

Basketball Rookie of the Year: Yekeen

Most Improved Player: Andrew Team Award: Rafael

MVP: Ezekiel/Ayiri

Table Tennis Rookie of the Year: Justin

Most Improved Player: Rafael

Team Award: Gabrielle

MVP: Nancy

Dance  Rookie of the Year: Hallie

Most Improved Player: Karolina

Team Award: Diana

MVP: Natalie

Co-Ed Volleyball Rookie of the Year: Sultan

Most Improved Player: Ruhi

Team Award: Justin

MVP: Catia

 Track & Field  Rookie of the Year: Rubi

Most Improved Player: Abdullah

Team Award: Vlada

MVP: Ezekiel

Individual Awards

Sportsmanship Award Pan
Sports Leadership Award Abdullah
Female Athlete of the Year Nancy
Male Athlete of the Year Ezekiel

“A Bronte Dragon is someone who does not just join a team but instead becomes apart of a family joining a community of lifelong friends who will support each other no matter what. A Bronte Dragon is not someone who just develops athletic skills but also learns life skills, such as responsibility, leadership, teamwork and determination. Finally, a Bronte Dragon is not someone who plays to win but plays to make history “.