Bronte College Student


Hometown:Zheng Zhou, China

Grade 12


Clubs:Drama Club, Prefect Council, Math Club

How long have you been at Bronte?

1 year. I love it here because it’s so different from what I had in education in China. Completely different systems. Bronte gives students more chances to do a lot of other things you’re interested in; not just focusing on studying. I also love Math, so I joined the Math Club and attended some contests!

Do you have any favourite classes?

Yes. Data Management with Mr. Bangma. He is really caring about his students and I felt motivated in his class everyday. I also asked him to write a reference letter for my American university and he was so helpful.

Did you have a favourite project from your Data Management class?

I remember we did a survey for one assignment, where you chose a topic, made the questions, sent the survey to the students, and collected and analyzed the data. It was really fun and more than just homework. Now I know how to use Data Management to analyze details around me. I’ve found the reason why things in real life happen, which goes back to my love for solving problems.

Do you think you’ve been shaped by your time here?

Definitely. The most amazing part of this year was when I joined the Prefects. I think this was something huge for me. Even though I have joined this kind of thing in China, it’s totally different here. At Bronte, you have to be the role model not just for yourself but for others. You have to show you are a really good leader among students and love to help people. I saw how Gizem and Renata (fellow Prefects) came up with ideas in our Prefect meetings. They inspired me and taught me how you should be a Prefect. I’ve improved a lot from learning through other people. This semester I started to bring my own thoughts and ideas into the meetings. In first semester I stayed quiet and waited to see how everyone else handled stuff, but now I’m much more active.