Country of OriginVietnam


Program of Interest:International business and management

Clubs:Basketball Club

Tony is a grade 11 student at Bronte College who is originally from Vietnam. During his time at Bronte, Tony has been able to experience Canada’s multi- cultural society and adapt to his new home on campus. Tony is involved in Bronte’s extra-curricular as a member of the Boys Basketball team.

How has Bronte prepared you for life after high school?

Studying at Bronte is excellent preparation for my post-secondary path, most of the subjects I have taken highly relates to what I will study in university. My passionate teachers have done their best to teach me ways to study just like in university, that make me feel more confident and well-prepared after graduating from high school.

What has been most memorable for you during your time at Bronte so far?

I have had so many spectacular moments with my friends under the roof of Bronte, we have done so many fun activities together in many special clubs that Bronte offers. My most memorable time in Bronte was in the basketball club where I can practice my basketball skills and develop many other vital skills such as teamwork. Playing with the club helps me release stress after intense academic focus and help me to maintain a healthy physical status.

What is the biggest difference from living in Canada to living in Vietnam?

Canada is a developed country with a multi-cultural society that provides a unique experience for those who live here. I have to say that Canadian society is much more open-minded and advanced. I had known so many things and become much more mature since I arrived in Canada.

Do you have any advice to students who want to study abroad at Bronte?

Before coming to Bronte and Canada you just need to prepare for one thing- the desire for knowledge- Bronte will teach you so many new things that fascinate you and every day you are here will be a wonderful day.